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About Us

Dalian Shide Group was founded in 1992, and becomes a large-scale enterprise oriented with chemical building materials industry through more than 20 years’ rapid development. Headquartered in Dalian and ready to face the world, Shide has been one of the largest chemical building material manufacturer in the world with an annul production capacity of 0.7 million ton. Chinese national ministry of construction also grants Shide with the title of “Chinese Chemical Building Material Industrilization Base”. 

With the importation of advanced equipments from abroad, the research and development of unique formula and processing craft, and the enchanting of QC system, the quality of Shide UPVC products has been in peer with top competitors globally. Nowadays, Shide Group owns the most completed CBM research insitute in China, “Dalian Shide Chemical Building Materials Research Institute”, and the only “Post-doctor R&D Workstation”. All these advantages guarrantee Shide’s leading postion in technique, quality and development of new product. 

During the expansion in decades, Shide Group has scored the firsts in earning the certification of ISO 9001,9002,14000 standard systems, and won the approval of German DIN certificate, Japanese JIS certificate. European Federation of Plastic Window Manufacturers (EPW) and American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has both conferred membership to Shide as well. With relentless efforts for so many years, Shide UPVC profile has been widely approved and gained the honor of “Famous Brand” from Chinese Trademark Bureau of General Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2008. 

On August 14th in 2013, the signing ceremony of strategy cooperation between Shide Group and German BASF was held in Shide head office. That represents the realization of the comprehensive cooperation between the two, which will definitely accelerate the deepened development of energy-saving construction in China with the presentation of new products and technique. Huge impact will be layed on international building energy efficiency. 

Currently, a powerful network of 140 Shide marketing branches is spreaded across China. The boost of marketing capacity and perfection of after-sale service sysytem are clear evidence for the competitivity of Shide UPVC profile. Export trading is also highlighted in Shide’s territory,South-east Asia, India and Russia markets have shown amazing volumes, and the pulsing potentials of Mongolia, UAE, and South America are also carefully noted. The sales network of Shide is supplying the world with her products of both quality and economy. 

“Retribute the Nation with Industry, Flourish the Group with Morality” is our core developing idea. “ Staff in Shide, Emotion for China, Vision at Globe” is what Shiders persist in. “Improve the Living Enviorenment, Upgarde the life standard” and “Advance with Society, Grow with Client, Enhance with Personnel” have shown Shide’s belief. Shide Group will endeavor to contribute even more with perfected products and service.

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