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Dalian Shide rich company build large extrusion factory

China come first on the list of PVC windows and doors manufacturer Dalian Shide plastic industry Co., Ltd will invest 1000000000 yuan to build a new profile production plant in Jilin Changchun, annual production capacity will be 160000 tons.

The headquarters is located in Liaoning Dalian Shide said, the initial stage ofinvestment will be 750000000 yuan, production capacity of 120000 tons. The company expects, the whole plant will be completed in March next year.

The new plant will become the eighth factories, Shide, after completion will be inChinese capacity exceeded 900000 tons.

Company officials declined to comment, but according to the published Shideinformation on the website, its 2009 sales reached 10000000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30%, mainly thanks to the Chinese government introduced policies to stimulate construction and real estate market of the our country.

Success is the world's largest removable PVC building materials manufacturers,Dalian Shide group whose parent company is Dalian Shide football club owner,and expand investment in the area of financial, insurance and hospital etc..

Before the new factory in Changchun, Shide just in February this year in JiangxiNanchang built a production base. According to the company at a cost of 500000000 yuan, Nanchang factory equipped with 42 production lines imported from Austria.

In addition, Shide's at the end of 2009, 1000000000 yuan in Henan Luo Riverbuilt a capacity of 160000 tons of plant.

According to supply news, 61 production lines of Luohe River factory equipped with imported from Austria, is the central region's largest production base of chemical building materials.

The company initially in 1999 announced to the world of such large-scalecapacity expansion plan part of the then chairman, Shide Xu Ming in combination with several multinational suppliers in Washington D.C. USA Columbia newsconference.

These vendors include is located in Austria Vienna extruder manufacturer CincinnatiMilacronAustriaGmbH company, located in Austria Wartberg mouldmanufacturer GreinerExtrusionstechnik, located in R, Germany and dermarkcomposite manufacturer ReimeltGmbH company. Previously, Shide to Germany Krauss-MaffeiKunststofftechnikGmbH company ordered more than 200 extruding machines.

In 2009, Xu Ming published in the "Forbes" Chinese version of the China rich listranked 180th, the personal assets of about 3890000000 yuan. In 2005, by virtue of his net personal assets of more than $1000000000, in the "Forbes" rich listranked eighth.

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