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Dalian Shide and BASF to develop a new type of full plastic window profiles

Shanghai - with the PVC window profile market scale in Asia in 2015 is expected to be over four times, China building product manufacturers Dalian Shide Group Co., Ltd hope through the establishment of new cooperation with Germanchemical giant BASF group to expand market share.

Dalian Shide and BASF in the Chinese Chinaplas opening (Chinaplas)announced the same day, the two sides will jointly develop a full plastic windowprofiles, it is the world's first use of PVC and polyethylene terephthalate (PBT)window made of resin, designed to replace the now commonly used on the steelsurface strengthening of PVC window.

As Chinese come first on the list of plastic building materials manufacturers,Shide group said, the new design is their diachronic study six years of cooperation with BASF results. BASF has developed a new kind of level PBT, its melting point close to PVC, while the Shide developed a new extrusion technology to produce window profile.

Held in Shanghai and BASF engineering plastics of senior managers on the press conference, Dalian Shide chairman Xu Bin said, although it is difficult topredict the market reaction, but Shide have high expectations of the product.

Xu Bin said, this product will become a revolutionary innovation of the industry as a whole, so its foreground is very wide. "We are in marketing planning, I think the product will set off a sensation in the industry as a whole, and will occupy aconsiderable market share."

He said, according to the feedback is studied and obtained, the product is expected to occupy a very high rates of. "I want to 10-20% is not a problem."

BASF Asia Pacific high performance materials senior vice president AndyPostlethwaite said, speaking of BASF, this is engineering plastic products of its $55000000 investment in 2012 in the new Shanghai Innovation CenterLaboratory of first development.

The two companies said, this is the world's first co extruded PVC and PBT window profile, has many advantages compared with the traditional PVC window profile touse steel reinforcement.

A new level of BASF UltradurPBT is very similar to PVC and the low melting point,and only a single step can finish material extrusion.

The new design compared to the standard PVC window steel for the reinforcement or windows, at least energy saving 15-20%.

Xu Bin said, Shide group early don't need to do large-scale investment on PVC /PBT window capacity, as long as the existing extrusion production lines to make a little change can be used.

He said, in China has 8 factories, annual production capacity reaches 700000tons of Shide will start where needed investment, to meet the needs of the market.

BASF said, PVC window profile market in Asia is expected to this year'sproduction from 4000000 tons to about 18000000 tons in 2025, mainly by theadvance of the requirements of the building insulation and building codes in theprocess of city. BASF said, in this regard, the Asian PVC profiles market scale will be equivalent to the sum of Europe and the United states.

Shide party secretary Yang Baoshan said, the two sides began around the start of the project cooperation from 2008, in the mold design and the co extrusion technology has overcome many difficulties. "We have overcome many difficultiesin the field of research and development. Once thought of giving up. "

BASF can send the materials to be sold to other application market, but Shidecontrol is used in the production of PVC / PBT window profile technology. Xu Bin said, Shide group willing to grant the profile technology licensing, as long as this will help them to open up the market.

Shide group plans in July will be the window profile to the market. The two companies said, prepared in the products at the same time posted on BASF andShide logo.

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