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Dalian Shide - expansion "Choi color profiles"

The two phase expansion project of color profile production Shide building materials company is located the energy-saving environmental protectionindustrial zone has completed the main construction, completed in March after only a color profile of the annual output will reach 30000 tons, the annual output value of 300000000 yuan.

Recently, a reporter in Dalian Shide group (Tianjin) building materials company aproduction workshop to see, have been prepared by mixing Everfounttransported to the production line, after the melting and plasticizing extruder, dieextrusion, dry, wet sleeve cooling and shaping, and then by the traction cuttingmachine traction and cutting four production procedures, a 6 meter long greenwhite profiles off the production line, packaging and warehousing. Chief engineer Sun Peng told reporters: "because the product is marketable, market expectations better than in previous years, from the current sales situation,expected February production will reach 4000 tons, the output value reached40000000 yuan. "

Dalian Shide group (Tianjin) building materials company is a large enterprise with chemical building materials as the leading industry, product quality and stability,high heat resistance, impact resistance, structure of the multi cavity type, withisolation drainage cavity and enhanced cavity, steel liner assembly and drainagegroove processing independent of each other, the profile service life is 10 timesthe general profile. At the same time, the company has the most completechemical building materials products R & D institutions "Dalian Shide ChemicalBuilding Materials Research Institute" and the industry's only "workstation of postdoctoral scientific research", the independent research and development ofdouble color co extruded profiles, color profiles, four cavity three, Europe and the United States combined type glass section profiles and so on the many kinds ofproducts to fill the domestic blank, ensure the Dalian Shide product always in theindustry leading position in technology, quality and new product development. At present, the company produces six five series of color profiles, eight zero withaluminum rail profiles and so on more than 10 series over 100 kinds of products,to meet the different needs of customers.

With high-quality products, the company since 2011 March has been officially put into operation, the product has been in short supply. Sun Peng told reporters, in order to ensure the smoothly throughout the year production, production equipment at the end of last year to conduct a thorough maintenance, a good foundation for enterprise development and lay a year.

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