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International Business Etiquette Training In Dalian Shide Science And Technology Company

        With the development of the business scale in International trading company, and more frequent contacts with the customers all over the world. In the morning of Jun. 15th 2017, Dalian Shide Science and Technology International Trading Company organize an international business etiquette training class for all staff members to make staff members courteous when interacting with foreign customers, show Shide staff’s good spirituality, and improve professional quality。

        ProfessorWang Lihua from Dongbei University of  Finance and Economics was invited to give lessons, Professor Wang use “ 6 pleasure and 2 feelings”(please eye; please ear; please mood,; please will; kindness and  trust) as the point of penetration, explain international business etiquette knowledge with vivid cases to let staff members know the application of international business etiquette and taboo of international interaction. This lesson is helpful for staff members to build good professional image, build good business relationship based upon mutual respect and trust with customers, and improve business scale.

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