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Shide inMongolia International Building Materials Exhibition

       The Mongolian International Building Materials Exhibition, jointly organized by Mongolian Ministry of transport,(urban)construction and Ulan Bator municipal government, was held on May 5th at Ulan Bator Michel Exhibition Center. This exhibition lasted for 3 days till May 7th. Shide International Trading Branch has taken part in the exhibition in represent of Shide Group. 

       Quite a a great range of middle and high end pvc window and door systems were being displayed at the exhibition, such as co-extruded 60 Series casement window, Doubles 72 Series casement window, polyester alloy 80 Series casement window, 106 Series casement door, etc. Window angles and profile samples were also exhibited there. Attracted by delicate booth design and colorful window and door products, numerous visitors came to see and negotiate.

       Thanks to tremendous support by group leaders, this exhibition was a great success. It not only spreads our influence deep into the local market, but also lays a foundation for future market exploration in Mongolia.

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