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Shide aluminum plastic composite thermal insulation casement window" passed Dalian new product appraisal

On November 27, 2020, the "Shide aluminum plastic composite thermal insulation casement window" independently developed by Shide Institute of science and technology passed the new product identification in Dalian. The product technology fills the gap in China and is at the leading level in China, which greatly promotes the promotion and application of Shide aluminum plastic composite thermal insulation window.
    The new product appraisal meeting was held on the 11th floor of Yifang building, Shide science and technology headquarters. The leaders and experts invited to attend the meeting were Zhang Yongjun, deputy director of science and Technology Department of Dalian Bureau of industry and information technology, Wang Hongtao, director of door and window curtain wall inspection center of China Academy of Building Sciences, Cong Jingmei, chairman of plastic doors and windows and building decoration products branch of China Building Metal Structure Association Qi Dingwen, director of Nanjing Institute of product quality and technology supervision and inspection; GaoHanmin, chief engineer of Dalian Research and Design Institute of building science; Li Xiaojun, vice president of Dalian Institute of product quality inspection; LV Yang, associate professor of Dalian University of technology; sun Furen, chief engineer of Dalian CITIC Hualong window industry Co., Ltd. Yang Feihu, vice president of Shide technology, Cheng Xiansheng, general manager of Shide Technology Research Institute, and others attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by deputy director Zhang Yongjun. First of all, vice president Yang Feihu gave a welcome speech and introduced the overall situation of the product project. General manager Cheng Xiansheng introduced the product technology from the aspects of product design, production, process, testing, performance, patents and product standards. Experts at the meeting carefully reviewed the new product of "Shide aluminum plastic composite thermal insulation casement window", and the appraisal opinions were as follows: the product is an independent innovation product, with beautiful appearance and flexible design; special three seal and honeycomb structure, excellent energy-saving performance; aluminum plastic combination, high window strength; high comprehensive cost performance, strong market competitiveness and other advantages, the product technology has filled the country In the blank, in the domestic leading level.

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