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Shide bridge aluminum, listed on the first anniversary of glory!

Shide bridge aluminum is Dalian Shide group in Jiangxi in 2012 500000000 yuan investment and production of a energy saving and environmental protectionproducts of doors and windows, Shide bridge aluminum officially put into operation in 2013, and now the Shide broken bridge aluminum has been listed for sale an anniversary! Dalian Shide group is China five hundred strong enterprises, is Chinese real estate 500 strong enterprises building door and window choice, Shide in eight production base in the country, is the world's largest manufacturers of building materials. Dalian Shide group Jiangxi companycovers an area of about 300 acres, a total investment of more than 500000000 yuan, in 2015 is expected to achieve an annual output of more than 8 tons ofaluminum alloy architectural profiles, industry profiles more than 3 tons, annual sales income of more than 1500000000 yuan. Because the Shide bridge aluminum entered the market later than Al Feng, Wang Chung and other brands,so the Shide bridge aluminum not al Feng Zhong Wang so high visibility, but the broken bridge aluminum products Shide group quality workmanship are better than the national standard, but also the Shide bridge aluminum in the domestic market not counterfeit counterfeit products, thanks to the profile design Shide the broken bridge aluminum and unique anti-counterfeiting system. Easy net is theShide windows broken bridge aluminum doors and windows in Beijing agents,Beijing Shide bridge aluminum is the designated processing plant is the Shide group, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows factory authorized Shide,household doors and windows, enjoy the quiet life!

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