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Opening window profile series 60A

    Opening window profile series 60A

    1、Main profiles:three-chamber structure,separete drainage chamber;

    2、Model design:Inward or outward opening,inward opening with tilt,fixed window;

    3、This system can be connected through the couplings of 90°,135°,180°

    ordinary or enhanced and arbitrary angle;

    4、The distance for the glass is 26mm,20mm,5mm,mm,sigle or double insulating,Sglass can be installed.

    5、Clazing bead is easy to be installed and more beautiful with the stream line;

    6、Clearance between the frame and sash is the common specification 3.5mm and convenient to hardware installation and adjustment;

    7、By using split pseudo mullion,double opening windows have good appearance and bigger daylighting areas.

    8、Opening frame and fixed frame can be designed separately to reduce the profile consumption and to incease the daylighting areas;

    9、Mullions have deferent designs sections to meet different requirement on strength;

    10、Out opening windows can be designed to suit the installation of hinges,friction hinges and strengthened friction hinges;

    11、Coupling profiles have water retaining rib and rubber sealing structure to make the window system high water tight and air tight.

    12、This system can also be used to produce color co-extrusion profiles and multiple colors can be chose.

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