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    17 outward opening casement door 106

    Home use106 outward opening casement doorglass casement door

    Home use106 outward opening casement door, we have more than 20 years to produce finished door and export finished doors to Asian, Indian, and American and other areas 20 years,

    1. Introduction of products

    Electric built-in shutters can be installed in the hollow glass;

    Width of inner fan reaching 70MM, automatic window closing device can be mounted;

    Brush strips can be installed at indoor and outdoor sides of inner frame bottom rail to ensure airtightness;

    With barrier strip thermal break profiles, high-end double colors can be achieved for both sides perfect matching based on home decoration style

    2. Products details

    Place of Origin: DALIAN,CHINA

    Brand name: SHIDE

    Open style: Casement

    Surface finishing: Finished

    Type: Outward opening door

    Door materials: UPVC +steel reinforcement

    Products series: 106 series

    Profiles thickness: 2.3-3.2mm

    Glass: Customized

    Steel thickness: 1.5/2.0mm

    Door size: Customized

    Fly screen: Available

    Profile color: Customized

    Hardware of door: Customized

    3. Feature and application of products

    Space saving, easy operating, easy to install and clean

    Good water-proof, fire proof, heat&sound insulations

    Economical and easy to maintenance

    High decay resistance; Will never fade

    High strength /Anti-damp /Anti-aging/Anti-ultraviolet/Fire-resistant






    4. Packaging &Shipping

    Packaging Details: Air bubble film + Standard export wooden frame packing

    Shipping: Port is indicated by buyers,30-45 working days after payment of products will be shipping out

    5 FAQ

    (1)What kind of test reports do you have?

    Our products successfully pass CE, ISO9001, and ISO14001

    (2) How can you guarantee your quality and dimension?

    In order to keep lowest error rate, we have initial inspection, sampling inspection before loading inspection. And before production, we will let customer print out our window shop drawing to have a doubt check.

    (3) What is the difference between the 90 degree and 45 degree connecting?

    There are 90 degree and 45 degree corner connecting. 90 degree window is connected by screw, and we assemble the 45 degree window by corner brace. The 45 degree corner connecting window is new style, which is easy to overhaul.

    (4)How to order the product?

    1) Please send us building windows or doors drawing with the request width, height, depth hardware brand and opening way.

    2) We quote you our solution with hard ware, profile, and glass data.

    3) After receive deposit, we will arrange window workshop drawing and send it to you for further checking.

    4) Once solution confirm, we send you PI for deposit payment.
    5) After you confirm the drawing, then we will arrange production accordingly.

    (5) What type of fly screen you could supply?

    We have three styles of fly screen. One is roller style for casement window,one is slidingstyle for sliding window and door, and the last one is folding style for casement door.Besides, the fly screen is made of 3 different materials, namely nylon, steel

    (6) Are there any problems with the glass inside? Having steam or going foggy? As this will be a real problem.

    Usually, we use 5mm+6A+5mm double glass, you can take easy. Our double glass is made professionally, no steam or going foggy between the double glasses.

    (7) Can i use 6mm single glass instead of 5mm double glass?

     It is better to use 5mm double glass, because:
         A)Sliding door looks ugly with single glass. There is a wide space for glass, if you use
              single glass, we will fill so much silicon in it.
         B) 5mm double glass is safer than 6mm single glass.
         C) 5mm double glass is more soundproof than 6mm single glass.

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