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    nward opening window


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    Screen Netting Material


    Sealing System

    High   Quality EPDM.TPV or Silicone Sealant

    Seamless Welding Joint Technique

    Seamless   Welding Joint additional Strength and Protection







    Decades of experience shipping our products worldwide has given us the expertise to ensure that our products arrive to their final destinations intact.  We’ve developed a 4 point system to prevent any damage during the various stages of the manufacturing process and shipping:




    1)   A protective film covering the surface of aluminum profiles.


    2)   Specialized cardboard encapsulating the window surfaces and corners


    3)    Plastic stretch wrap covering the glass.


    4)    Windows and placed within a non-fumigated ply-wood crate




    We can handle freight and customs clearance through our shipping partner and can provide door-to-door service if desired.  We guarantee that our clients will receive their orders timely and without damage.




    Low air infiltration, makes this   window suitable for airconditioned buildings.


    Glazing options up to 28 mm


    High thermal and acoustic   insulation


    The extra strong door stiles on   this window allow oversize door panels to be fabricated.


    With a wide opening to maximise   views and airflow,


    High degree of design flexibility





    High performance

    We are committed to offering high performance, with international standards for weather protection, acoustics, aesthetics and security.


    Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions supply a wide range of standard shapes for general use. They also offer custom design and development services to a multitude of industries.


    Better services

    Our services include design,documentation,fabrication, loading,export,installation and supervisor.


    Wide Products Range

    We cover the fields of residential ,commercial,hospitality,prestige houses,retail and school.


    1. What's the lead time for regular order?

    Honest, it depends on the order quantity, usually 15-30 days.


    2. What is your term of delivery?

    We accept EXW, FOB Shenzhen or FOB Guangzhou. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.

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