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Opening window profile series 88A

    Opening window profile series 88A

    1、Main profiles:three-chamber structure,separete drainage chamber;

    2、Sliding window system and combined sliding window system can be realized;

    3、This system can be connected through the couplings of 90°,135°,180°

    ordinary or enhanced and arbitrary angle;

    4、The distance for the glass is 26mm,20mm,5mm,mm,sigle or double insulating,Sglass can be installed.

    5、Sliding frame is designed as full edge size easy to install in net window portals and saving sealing silica gel;

    6、Aluminum adaptor be installed to mosquito sash rail on sliding frame to increase the water tight of the window system greatly.

    7、Beam window can be made by beam frame or 60A series frame easily;

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